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How to Utilize New Mutliple Myeloma Drugs
Tiffany Richards is excited about all the new multiple myeloma treatments that are being introduced, but understands that the question of how to best utilize these drugs still remains to be answered. Read More ›

Preparing Your Patients for Side Effects
Tiffany Richards stresses the importance of educating patients about side effects and what to do when these side effects begin to present. Read More ›

Know Your Patients' Baselines
Tiffany Richards shares anecdotes that illustrate why it's important to really know your patients in order to effectively care for them. Read More ›

Meeting the Needs of the Patient
Tiffany Richards discusses the numerous, often unmet, needs of patients with multiple myeloma. Read More ›

Common Questions About Daratumumab
Tiffany Richards provides an overview of the most common questions she hears from patients regarding daratumumab. Read More ›

Daratumumab: An Overview
Tiffany Richards expresses her positive outlook on daratumumab, citing that the treatment has helped extend life expentancies. Read More ›

Challenges with Managing Patients with Malignant Diseases
Tiffany Richards explains the difficulties she has encountered in managing patients who have battled myeloma for an extended period of time and have experienced multiple relapses. Read More ›

Keeping Up with Advances in Multiple Myeloma

The Importance of Survivorsihp Care in Mutliple Myeloma
Leslie Lauersdorf hopes that multiple myeloma can eventually become a chronic disease, if not cured completely, so that patients with the disease can live life uninterrupted. Read More ›

New Therapies to Treat Multiple Myeloma
Leslie Lauersdorf is excited by the prospect of new mutliple myeloma therapies, and notes that finding the best sequence for each patient is key. Read More ›

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