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Breast cancer survival disparities persist even after adjusting for sociodemographic factors, tumor characteristics, and NCCN guideline–appropriate treatment, suggesting that social and environmental factors can impact survival. Read More ›

Interfacility variation in efforts to eliminate the use of unnecessary breast cancer procedures highlights the need for more formalized deimplementation plans. Read More ›

In the cancer care setting, telehealth was perceived favorably by patients and providers, providing a new pathway for accessing treatment in the future. Read More ›

The pandemic shifted patients’ fears, highlighting the critical importance of physician trust and language used in recruitment. Read More ›

The delivery of care transformed rapidly as healthcare systems innovated to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. The overarching goals and principles of cancer care did not change, but there was a heightened recognition of the challenges faced by cancer patients. Read More ›

The latest quality-of-life research from the MONALEESA-7 trial supports a strong clinical benefit-to-risk ratio with ribociclib-based treatment in pre- and perimenopausal patients. Read More ›

In the future, telehealth may help overcome obstacles to healthcare access for underserved populations. Read More ›

Patient-reported outcomes from the phase 3 PRIMA clinical trial showed no detrimental effect of niraparib on quality-of-life measures compared with placebo in patients with newly diagnosed ovarian cancer. Read More ›

Information on clinical aspects of COVID-19 and social and financial support services for the cancer community are abundant. Read More ›

In a systematic literature review that extracted data from 50 qualifying clinical trials, PARP inhibitor first-line maintenance improved progression-free survival (PFS) “across the board” versus other maintenance treatments in women with advanced ovarian cancer. Read More ›

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