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In patients with non–small-cell lung cancer, broad and rapid genomic profiling are recommended for use at all stages of clinical management to improve patient outcomes. Read More ›

Study determines that permanently discontinuing immune checkpoint inhibitors after grade ≥2 immune-related adverse events is an appropriate response for patients with stage IV non–small-cell lung cancer. Read More ›

In a recent study, circulating tumor cells were found to act as a precise biomarker in early assessment and therapy monitoring in patients with lung cancer. Read More ›

All patient ethnic/racial groups demonstrated improved clinical outcome when experiencing immune-related adverse events while receiving therapy with an immune checkpoint inhibitor, but Hispanic patients appear to derive less benefit. Read More ›

Maintaining quality of life and independence was found to be a high priority for patients with non–small-cell lung cancer and should be regularly assessed by the care team. Read More ›

Despite advantages for molecular testing for non–small-cell lung cancer, the testing rate remains low, with white patients and female patients having a higher likelihood of undergoing molecular testing. Read More ›

Biomarker testing is the standard of care in advanced non–small-cell lung cancer, but the rate of patients receiving test results prior to initiating treatment is low. Read More ›

In a recent trial of patients with advanced non–small-cell lung cancer, liquid biopsy led to faster molecular results and shortened time to treatment. Read More ›

CodeBreak 200 phase 3 trial results demonstrated that sotorasib achieved a more robust survival benefit versus docetaxel in patients with advanced non–small-cell lung cancer harboring KRAS G12C mutation. Read More ›

Study finds that frequencies of mutations commonly found in patients with non–small-cell lung cancer vary among members of 3 racial groups. Read More ›

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