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In patients with non–small-cell lung cancer, KRAS G12C mutation is associated with female sex, smoking, and adenocarcinoma and the risk of development of central nervous system metastasis. Read More ›

Study evaluates factors that may help determine whether a patient with advanced non–small-cell lung cancer may benefit from the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors. Read More ›

Anxiety and depression in patients with advanced lung cancer are associated with poor outcomes when untreated. Radiotherapy, breathlessness, and fatigue are among top predictors of these debilitating conditions. Read More ›

More severe interstitial lung disease with more severe radiological features was found on second occurrence in patients with lung cancer who were rechallenged with ICI treatment. Read More ›

Recent survey results of physicians who treat patients with non–small-cell lung cancer reveal high biomarker testing rates, but treatment decisions frequently depend on test result turnaround time. Read More ›

Newly diagnosed patients who adhered to tumor board recommendations for treatment have a longer overall survival time than patients who only partially adhered or did not adhere to recommendations. Read More ›

Patients with KRAS G12C non–small-cell lung cancer appear to have improved progression-free survival before immunotherapy than patients with non-KRAS G12C lung cancer, but there was no improvement in overall survival between the 2 groups. Read More ›

A recent study identified several risk factors associated with the development of nephrotoxicity when using pemetrexed in patients with non–small-cell lung cancer. Read More ›

Researchers identified an association between nutritional status, treatment protocols, and survival in patients with advanced non–small-cell lung cancer. Read More ›

Liquid biopsy improves turnaround time for molecular genotyping, but further improvement in next-generation sequencing is recommended. Read More ›

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