TON Interview with the Innovators: Volume 1

Monitoring for Bone Health
Dianna Shafer talks about the testing protocol when examining patients’ bones and what they prescribe to ensure their patients’ bone health is being addressed. Read More ›

Treatment When Cancer Metastasizes

Skeletal-Related Events for Bone Metastases
Pam Skurkay, Dianna Shafer, and Angela Hunter discuss the rates of incidences of this issue as well as the benefits of using Xgeva, including a better quality of life for patients. Read More ›

Patients with Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Technology and Bone Health Therapies
Pam Skurkay, Dianna Shafer, and Angela Hunter talk about how technology and new medicines are not only helpful for patients, but assists researchers and providers in finding more information including locating clinical trials. Read More ›

Prescribing Patterns in Low Trauma Bone Fractures

Factors Surrounding Use of Antiresportive Agents and Xgeva
Pam Skurkay talks about when providers consider prescribing one class of drugs versus another with factors that include the patient's insurance and overall health. Read More ›

Is an Injectable Antiresportive More Popular?

How an Injectable Became a Significant Tool In Bone Health
Pam Skurkay talks about when she and other nurses began using a medicine to treat bone-related health issues and how they eventually allowed outside medical offices the pre-authorization to use it. Read More ›

Decreasing Skeletal Issues
Dianna Shafer and Angela Hunter talk about the DEXA scan results, and how the implementation of a specific therapy helped decrease bone-related issues. Read More ›

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