TON - October 2023 Vol 16, No 5

UCSF Health is recognized worldwide for its high-quality, comprehensive patient care, informed by pioneering research and advanced technologies. Read More ›

Chicago, IL—It is well documented that clinical trials thus far have for the most part excluded underserved populations, and that means the results of these trials cannot be generalized to society at large. Read More ›

We are pleased to present the October issue of The Oncology Nurse-APN/ PA, a journal specifically designed to educate and inform nurses, navigators, and advanced practice providers who care for patients with cancer. Read More ›

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 288,300 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2023 and 34,700 deaths will be attributed to the disease. Read More ›

Have you ever asked ChatGPT to create a bio on yourself? Was it spot-on? Somewhat accurate? Total fiction? Read More ›

This section provides a brief overview of new cancer drugs and new indications approved by the FDA between July 20, 2023, and August 14, 2023. Read More ›

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The purpose of this national campaign, which encompasses a wide range of initiatives conducted by local community organizations, breast cancer advocacy organizations, and major retailers, is to educate the public about breast cancer risk factors, promote screening and prevention, support individuals diagnosed with the disease and their loved ones, and raise funds for breast cancer research. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been on the national calendar since 1985. Read More ›

It was once thought that after guiding the development of male sex organs in a fetus, the Y chromosome did not do much else. But over the past few years, results from multiple studies have challenged that belief. Read More ›

Cancer researchers continue to make progress in developing tests using liquid biopsies that could complement and even serve as an alternative to traditional tissue biopsies. Read More ›

Opioids such as morphine are the gold standard for treating cancer-induced bone pain, but new University of Arizona Health Sciences research recently published in PAIN uncovered a mechanism by which chronic morphine use may increase bone loss and pain. Read More ›

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